buying secured complex or estate in south africa

Important Rules to Know Before Buying Property in a Complex or Estate in South Africa

  • The popularity of gated communities and estates has increased in South Africa due to the added security they provide to homeowners.
  • A recent poll showed that out of 4,000 respondents, 1,500 live in a gated community, while 2,500 do not.
  • The shift to remote working from home has further increased demand for homes in these communities.
  • Property developers have responded to recent social and lifestyle changes by creating new estates and offering a wider range of property types.
  • Prospective buyers need to understand the major differences between buying a home in a suburb and a home in a gated estate run by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA).
  • Levies and rules differ for every estate and buyers need to abide by the HOA’s constitution, rules, and decisions.
  • Prospective buyers should ask for the following documents and read them before making an offer to purchase:
    • The MOI or constitution of the HOA
    • The appearance and conduct rules of the estate
    • A list of the current HOA directors and their roles
    • Minutes of HOA meetings for the past year
    • The current HOA budget, year-to-date financial report, and levy collection record
    • The current HOA insurance policy
  • Property buyers should find out if the HOA has a reserve fund for long-term planned maintenance and emergencies.
  • If buying in a new estate, check the HOA’s architectural guidelines and building and appearance rules.
  • Some estates have minimum and maximum house size allowances and require homes to be built in a particular architectural style.
  • Property buyers in a new estate should establish who is responsible for security and repairing any damage to services during the construction phase.


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