property moot pretoria - south africa



responsibilities of seller

*BOND CANCELLATION FEE | Fees range from R4 000-R5 000 per bond
This fee is also applicable even if the bond has a zero balance
*RATES AND TAXES | Any arrears and current amount owing
*LEVIES TO BODY CORPORATE / HOA (If applicable) | Certificate issue fee
Amounts owing and pro rata to date of registration
* COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATES – whichever is applicable | Electrical Certificate | Gas Certificate
(if applicable) | Beetle Certificate (Coastal Properties)
Plumbing Certificate (Applicable to Cape Town Province) | Electrical Fence Certificate (if
*CERTIFIED COPY OF MISPLACED OR LOST TITLE DEED | If original title deed was lost (±R3 000)
*OTHER | FICA verification fee | Financial undertakings for Seller | Bridging finance for Seller |
Plans (building / sectional title) | Any repairs agreed to in the Deed of Sale

responsibilities of purchaser

Conveyancing fees – calculated on a sliding scare (refer to Table of Costs) | Ancillary costs
(refer to Transfer and Bond Cost Table)
Calculated in relation to purchase price (refer to Table of Costs)
No transfer duty will be payable if the seller is a registered VAT vendor
If VAT is applicable it should be indicated as such in the deed of sale as “included” or
Calculated on a sliding scare (refer to Table of Costs) | Home Loan Initiation fee –
This fee is charged by the bank ((± R6 100 for an individual)
If Applicable – as agreed between parties
OTHER | Pro Rata Levies and/or Rates and Taxes | Clearance certificate issue fee

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